MIT Programs

At MIT, our programs are specifically tailored for the age, ability and needs of our students. We strictly limit class sizes, and cater our teaching methodology to the unique needs of Taiwan’s students.


Our afternoon program is specifically tailored for the needs of first and second grade students. It runs Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with immersive English instruction.

Early Evening

Our evening program is designed for our 3rd to 6th grade students. The 1.5 hour classes run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and commence after 4:00pm

Late Evening

Our late evening program is also open to 3rd to 6th grade students, but is primarily dedicated to our higher level learners. Check your nearest branch for schedule details.

The Junior High Program

Our junior high program continues with theme-based learning, but adds in GEPT test prep, and the award winning SOLE learning program.